The U Joint & CV Joint Centre is a company dedicated to the supply, service and manufacture of all propshaft and driveshaft components, covering the automotive, industrial, farming and mining industries.


The U Joint & CV Joint Centre was founded in May 1979. Initially it was a small retail outlet, selling propshaft spares. Over the years a fully equipped workshop was developed to service and manufacture client's propshafts.

The U Joint & CV Joint Centre has grown into a national power house in the propsharft & CV Joint industry.

Since then five additional branches have been opened to ensure dedicated and secure service to our customers in and around the provinces.

Uncompromised quality and service ensured the company's growth from a local supplier to a national supplier.


Vision & Mission

The U Joint & CV Joint Centre aims to become the leading service provider for the supply, repair and manufacture of propshaft and driveshaft components in Southern Africa.

Quality is our solution to the specific needs of our customers. Consistent, reliable and durable products are a matter of principle to us. We utilize sophisticated technology, combined with years of experience, trained staff and quality products to achieve a high standard, and to help our clients meet the challenges of tomorrow.

About The U Joint

The management structure of our company is representative of the demographics of our new South Africa. Our personnel consist of experienced, well trained and qualified staff.

Qualified staff are positioned at all our branches to ensure quality and high standards of workmanship are maintained. On the job training Is provided to our apprentices at every level in the workshops.

Management and staff are kept up to date with the changes and developments in our industry by in-house and external training programs.

Quality Policy

We are committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the requirements of the ISO 9001 International Organisation for Standardization.

Black Empowerment Policy (B.E.E.)

All of our staff are afforded an equal opportunity to rise up throughout the company. We are actively involved with sourcing and training of black apprentices in our workshops as well as in the sales and management divisions.